Some of my current or larger projects. All projects can be found on my GitHub and GitLab.

  • High-performance multithreaded multiplayer game networking
  • C++, boost, Lua
  • Cross-platform (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
  • TCP and UDP networking
  • Team leadership, communication
  • 300k+ registered users, a few thousand users per hour

  • Implementing a mechanism for asynchronous terminal I/O
  • Heavy use of threads and mutexes

CHIP-8 Emulator
  • Developing a graphical emulator for the model CPU architecture CHIP-8

OS Dev
  • Developing a Bootloader in x86 Assembly
  • Later integration with GRUB
  • Developing a minimal Kernels in C and x86 Assembly

HTTP Server
  • Writing an HTTP 1.0 server in C
  • From scratch (as an exercise)